Editorial: ASG site rates high

The new ASG Off-Campus Housing Evaluations Web site is a step in the right direction for an organization that previously has made promises without delivering results (“Site tries to find NU an apartment,” Jan. 7). Associated Student Government took its time with the CTEC-like site, originally proposed in 2004, but the result shows careful planning and execution. By including comments in addition to ranking the condition, price and value of housing options, the site should help students make more informed decisions about their living situation.

ASG representation for residence halls, residential colleges and fraternity and sorority houses far outnumbers the few off-campus senators. In developing this Web site, ASG has shown a commitment to off-campus students as well, taking the first step in developing a more cohesive approach to off-campus life. NU does little to help students looking to move out of its residences. In addition to resources like Craigslist and classified ads, students can now gather detailed information from fellow students.

However, the Web site will only remain relevant and helpful if it is updated and keeps ASG’s attention past the first-week fanfare. While “more than 400” evaluations is a starting point, it only scratches the surface of off-campus students. Past ASG projects like the Restaurant Guide have lapsed and become outdated due to a dearth of student interest and on-campus promotion, remaining the same for years at a time. The Off-Campus Student Housing Evaluations site should not meet the same fate.