The Weekly Memo

Wieczner, Jen

Six weeks in and we’re sick of talking about the same familiar subjects that have dominated the conversation since we got to school. The economy. The election. Midterms.This week we escape: We go shopping, we hope for something else, we pretend to be different people.You could start with a European pick-me-up to take you out of Norbucks and the Midterm doldrums, then don a disguise tonight or tomorrow and head out in masquerade (this page). Everyone seems ready to leave behind the fear of partying, since fall fêtes are in full swing, never mind recent bans and looming penalties (p. 3).We know the news has been telling you to close your wallets and save your money, but fashion for the frugal awaits you in the nooks of downtown neighborhoods – just see our cover story (p. 4–5). Already, the reality-avoidant flocked to the city last weekend for comic book fantasy at Chicago’s inaugural ComiCon (p. 6).If you’re hesitant to go too far, you can still elude responsibility on campus. This weekend, we may see Sweeney Todd, a tale of wildest dreams of ultimate escape (p. 7). And just when you think you might be stuck in one life, there’s always room for another. Just ask our Man on the Beat (p. 8).What better time for becoming something new than the eve of Halloween – and the Next Four Years? At least in college, it’s not too late. We’re not in the real world yet, so our escape just may lead back to campus.