Peer Adviser: The Costume Designer

Gilbert, Lindsey

Ready or not, Halloween is here, and everyone is already sick of “sexy” nurses and Sarah Palin getups. Communication senior David Hyman is a seasoned costume designer used to decking out NU’s thespians for theater productions. Offstage, Hyman thrives on the innovation of Alexander McQueen and the coquettish appeal of Victoria Beckham, and even has some lowbrow love for “train wrecks” like Courtney Love. He took a minute to dress us down about Fright Night faux pas and teach us tricks of the trade.JUNK IN YOUR TRUNKHyman is always more impressed with costumes fashioned from a personal wardrobe or random things around the house. “Be resourceful. With things like trash bags, wrapping paper and foil, you can create different and crazy garments that are made of something everyday and ordinary,” Hyman says. Plus, who wants to spend $40 on a costume that you only wear once? Create a style of your own that has personality. “Do something,” Hyman says. “Tease your hair, spray some color into it. It’s never any fun to go to a party where people aren’t dressed up.” SKELETONS IN YOUR CLOSETEveryone has something in the closet that is totally absurd. In Hyman’s case, it’s a white pleather jacket with neon pink lining. Dust off those cobwebs and be daring. “Figure out how to use the item you can never wear any night but Halloween and you should be set,” Hyman says. If you’re strapped for ideas, hop the El to Belmont and check out Hyman’s favorite thrift emporiums like Rag Stock and Hollywood Mirror. TRICKS IN YOUR TREATDon’t take yourself too seriously, Hyman says. He believes that the best costumes are the ones that make you laugh, like a bag of jelly beans or a chalkboard. “The costumes I find the most funny are those that I don’t get when I first look at them, but then it makes sense and it’s hilarious,” Hyman says.Though Halloween is often an excuse to wear as little clothing as possible, think your “costume” through. There will always be the Playboy bunnies and sexy cops, but Hyman suggests if you want to do something sexy, make sure it doesn’t cross the line to slutty. “You can still be sexy and be covered,” Hyman says. “You don’t have to show everything off.”