Confirmed and Denied

Weekly editors

SERVING BOBBRemember one of the first things Northwestern taught you, before you even got here? Back when you got your NetID and created your first e-mail password, there was a lesson called Making-It-Too-Hard-To-Guess 101.Someone must have declared open season on password-protected property, because lately everyone’s getting hacked. A rogue Gossip Girl figure has taken over Bobb-McCulloch’s dorm listserv, addressing residents as “tricks and hoes.” Forget spam. The writer, who goes by Bobby Fay McCulloch, claims to have “urgent news,” which apparently includes “FRAT WARZ!! …There is some major beef in the frat quads between sig ep and pi kappa dbag. WHERE ALL THEM SIGNZ GOING???” The banners aren’t the only items to disappear – it seems composites and paddles (?) are M.I.A., too.It’s unclear who’s at the keyboard, but there are a couple of clues: First, “Bobby is rather fond of guac.” There’s also a link to Google’s new drunk email protection, without which “you would never know Bobby Fay.”As to how the listserv was accessed, or why the emails continue, BMCC residents don’t know. But it’s clear no password or listserv is safe anymore. After all, just a few weeks ago it was Rumor Royalty that was brought to its knees by a group of good guessers.If you live in Bobb, maybe you can solve the mystery yourself: “Bobby Fay McCulloch” will “see you at munchies.”CAMPUS CREEPERHey ladies, don’t worry. That guy lurking around the sorority quad isn’t after you. Not this time, anyway. He’s the ex-boyfriend of an Alpha Phi who had particularly bad taste at one point in her life (we’ve seen pictures of him). He’s been spotted numerous times on campus, according to an e-mail penned by the sorority sister that has since been forwarded around various NU Greek houses. And he’s made serious threats to her current boyfriend, a member of ZBT.The ex doesn’t go to NU, but he’s been seen trying to enter campus parties and get more information about his replacement. Described in e-mails as a “creeper” and “unstable,” the ex drives a black or maroon Saab. If you spot him, you’ll know immediately: He’s the one who looks like, and is, a stalker. Don’t hesitate to call the police: “They are already involved and well aware of the situation,” according to a message that went to all of ZBT. We don’t know how unstable this creeper is, but we do know that he has been “repeatedly threatening serious harm against” the current boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend. The e-mail sent out from the girlfriend notes that “if you see him, you must IMMEDIATELY call 911.” (Emphasis not our own.)HALLOWED TRADITIONSUpperclassmen looking to relive their Bobb glory days are about to get a blacked-out blast from the past. Phright Night, the train wreck of a campus Halloween tradition, returns tonight as Phi Delt and crowds of costumed friends board school buses and head to a debauchery-filled barn bash. But we guess the guys were a little mixed up about the whole crossing-state-lines thing: The Facebook event page originally listed Indiana as the location. As of midnight yesterday, it was changed to “The Barn” in Willowbrook, Ill. Whatever. Regardless of where the shindig actually is, the bus ride will still feel five hours long, so take a leak beforehand – or make sure to hold on to those empty bottles. Don’t forget to get those wristbands from the bros and good luck remembering what you’re dressed up as, much less your own name.