Confirmed & Denied

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MILITARY STYLEAfter three years of tirelessly keeping up with the rigors of Northwestern’s NROTC program, Weinberg senior Andrea Kaltenbach almost lost it all this summer after suffering a stress fracture in her femur during summer boot camp. From the full ride scholarship to the prestigious title, Kaltenbach spent weeks in anxious uncertainty over whether or not she’d be forced out of the often misunderstood, “intense club” that is NROTC. “My initial reaction was shock and frustration,” Kaltenbach says.While most of us were bitching about all the bitch work at our sweet summer internships or chilling out in the boondocks as camp counselors, Kaltenbach was at a grueling six-week mandatory camp in Quantico, Va. Getting by on three or four hours of sleep at night and testing her limits with strenuous training every day for more than a month, “the extremely physically demanding” ordeal finally took its toll on her body.According to Kaltenbach, losing her scholarship was a serious possibility until she could prove she’d healed fully. “It was so scary for me; I’ve never been injured before, or failed at anything. I risked losing an important financial income, and much more, because my body had given up on me.”NROTC students are contractually bound to meet high standards of physical training and professionalism, plus maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA, among other requirements, Kaltenbach says.Fortunately, Kaltenbach’s MRIs came back in early September indicating a full recovery. “It took so long to deal with all of the red tape and paperwork,” she says. “It was a stressful couple of weeks back at school.”Besides tuition and her hard-earned title, Kaltenbach’s ability to serve the three-and-a-half year term of active duty in the military – or more, if she so desires – was also at stake. “I was the most relieved I’ve ever been,” she says of finding out on Sept. 20 that her NROTC standing was intact.She will, however, have to complete the entire training camp again next summer to stay in the program. “People were concerned for me, plus they knew how hard I had worked for it,” Kaltenbach says. “They thought it wasn’t fair for ‘The Man’ to do this to me, but as an insider, I understand how the system works.” Next time you’re whining about having to go to your work-study job, be glad at least it will still be there for you.GO GREENEMo Greene, the former Wildcat behind “Go U (NU Anthem)”, a.k.a. every tailgater’s newest drinking jam, is about to add his flow to the smoky sounds of … Norah Jones? Yup, you read that right: According to Greene’s MySpace page, the rapper’s beats will be featured on Jones’ upcoming remix album. Greene is once again working with L.A. producer Ruwanga Samath on jazzing up the lite FM-Standard.Although Mo Greene graduated last year, he still has a big presence as our resident rapper on campus. After a stint in Sin City and a return to his alma mater two weeks ago, we’re about to go Greene again this homecoming weekend. Don’t pregame too long on Saturday: He’ll be performing at Ryan Field right before the big game. We’re expecting some “Go U” action, but after hearing the latest tracks on his MySpace page, we’re hoping he’ll perform a couple more, like the Obama-sampling, reggae-inspired “Make it to the Sun.” If you’re not too hungover that night, see him again at the Keg at 10. Let’s just hope he doesn’t wear out his voice on “Go U” at Friday’s pep rally.DOT COM BUSTFunny story: Last week, in the Campus Climate section, we incorrectly printed the Web site of a group of student do-gooders. You know, the guys who are trying to get you to give to charity by making it fun. Their startup’s site is actually, not .com, which really makes total sense when you think about it.That afternoon, the .com site we listed was down. It’s still down, and the Philanthropy Philosophers (see last week) believe you were all feeling so charitable you rushed to what you thought was the correct site and crashed it. We’re not sure if this is due to our mistake and you all really are just that generous, but we’d like to think so.If you’re still in the mood to give, check out the right “Social Charity” site and head to We’re sure it can handle your traffic, and the needy won’t be going anywhere.