Gain fame as a Fall columnist

Oh Northwestern, you’re such a tease. You’re always calling, sending e-mails and commenting on our little Web site. Stop being coy. Don’t hide behind that phone number, e-mail address or online pseudonym. It’s time to come out from behind the curtain and show your face. We know you want to. You know you want to. So let’s stop playing these games and just give in to the greatness that is being a Daily columnist.

As a Daily columnist Fall Quarter, you’ll be privy to some of NU’s greatest secrets. Is there a tunnel between Kellogg and Deering Library? Is the Rock really made out of delicious rock candy? In the case of an earthquake, will the Lakefill detach and float us to safety? (No.) In all seriousness, being a Daily columnist lets you be smack in the middle of one of the most active student bodies in the country. You have the unique opportunity to have your voice heard by thousands of your peers, their parents and all those sketchy online readers. Think about it.

Perks include: a puppy, a closet full of Daily apparel, three cars and that cool flying skateboard from “Back to the Future: Part II.” If you’re lucky (and snarky) you might even get hate mail or be awkwardly recognized on campus. You might also get a Howler – if we can find a good owl.

So if you think you have what it takes to keep people reading week after week after week, then submit two 500-word previously unpublished sample columns, a 50-word bio that will be printed if you are chosen and five fabulous column ideas for the fall to [email protected] We’re also looking for cartoonists, so if you can draw, e-mail us some samples!