Letters to the Editor

Proportions important for Illinois primary

I am concerned that an article in Friday’s paper may encourage Northwestern students not to vote in the Democratic primary this Tuesday (“Clinton old news in Illinois, as ‘favorite son’ has most support”). With poll results overwhelmingly favoring Barack Obama by a margin of 25 percent, NU students may feel that their votes are unnecessary.

Perhaps this would be true if all that mattered was who took a majority of the vote in Illinois; however, at stake are crucial delegates to the Democratic National Convention, to be allotted proportionally. If Obama takes 70 percent of the vote, he will receive about 70 percent of the delegates. If Clinton supporters turn out and Obama wins with only 55 percent, that will be his allotment. Obviously, turnout does matter. No matter who NU students support, I urge all of them to take the time to make their voices heard. Every vote does count and could very well influence the future of our country.

– Benjamin SingerCommunication sophomore

Following NU robbery, euphemisms improper

I just want to state that I think it’s absurd that Northwestern has chosen to refer to the latest mugging as a purse-snatching. I know the university comes under fire for not protecting students to the best of its ability. (And the intersection of Sheridan Road and Chicago Avenue is technically campus, right?) But for them to try to treat the incident as anything other than a mugging is ridiculous.

Seeing as he pushed her to the ground and she required medical treatment, NU should man up and call the incident what it was. I look forward to the day one of these muggings elicits more response than we’ve seen so far.

– Alex ApatoffMedill seniorFormer Play?staffer