Air of debonair

Andi Braunstein

I was warned before I entered the bar: “Make sure you dress hip” and “It’s so pretentious.” However, I was pleasantly surprised with the laid-back and friendly atmosphere of Debonair Social Club. I was correct to expect the regulars at this chic Wicker Park hot spot to be the awesomely tight-panted, Pete Wentz-like crowd.

Actually, word on the street is that you’ll see Mr. Wentz spinning behind the DJ booth on occasion. Nevertheless, the club was hip and inviting. All in all, Debonair is a great place to grab a few drinks, enjoy great music and dance with your friends.

Located at 1575 N. Milwaukee, the social club is a bi-level nightclub featuring a lounge on the top floor and a dance club on the bottom. When you walk into the bar the first thing you will notice is the artistic vibe emitted from every inch of the club, including video wall art.

The circular bar in the center of the room is also unique and makes it easy to grab a delicious beverage. The drink prices are typical: Bottled beers are $4 to $5 and mixed drinks range from $6 to $9. The bartenders and staff are amiable, attentive and may even be a little hipper than the crowd.

If you venture downstairs, head towards the glowing red DJ booth and you’ll find yourself on a cramped dance floor. The walls are lined with couches so you can chill if you’re not feeling the tunes. The bottom level may or may not have more rooms, but you would need a flashlight to find them.

After a long trip to Wicker Park, I was thrilled to find Debonair Social Club to be trendy, welcoming and free of a cover charge. I’m definitely considering stopping by again.

-Andi Braunstein