The best week on campus

Marcy Miranda

As new students to Northwestern, there is much to be learned in a short amount of time. Rather than submitting to the sink-or-swim mentality, NU has come up with a different way of exposing new students to all things NU: Wildcat Welcome Week.During the week, new students attend informal lectures, familiarize themselves with campus, get their WildCARD student IDs, and start making friends, inside and outside the dorm. While much of Wildcat Welcome is devoted to acclimating students to NU academics and student life, a number of social events are created to help with one thing: Socializing. Below are THE DAILY’s picks for top three Wildcat Welcome social activities.

? Rock the BeachTiki torches, sand, the sounds of Lake Michigan and Madonna fill the air of the first weekend on campus. Freshman from all sides of campus make the trek to North Beach to show off their dance moves at Rock the Beach. The dance is a great way to expand your social circle outside of your dorm (something you’ll be sick of by the time the week ends). But just because the event is held on the beach doesn’t mean there’s a need to sport your bikinis. Just don a lai or flip flops and you’ll be ready to go.

? KaleidoscopeDubbed one of the ‘Must See’ shows at Northwestern, Kaleidoscope features some of the best-known performance groups on campus. Dance and percussion groups like Boomshaka and Graffiti Dancers show off their moves, alongside a cappella groups like Purple Haze and Thunk. The event is so popular that there have been two shows in the past.

? Tom DeLuca One of the most popular events every year, the Tom DeLuca show has become a staple of Welcome Week. DeLuca, a hypnotist, will have people talking all year about how he got your insecure roommate to start dancing with a random audience member. Some of the best from years past: a freshman administering CPR to an apple and another student taking off his shirt and flexing to show off his “bodybuilding skills.” Just be careful if you want to volunteer; who knows what you might end up doing. Get tickets early, because this is one of the social events most likely to sell out.Reach Marcy Miranda at [email protected]