West Runs For Student Services VP After Term On Committee

Tiarra Medley

By Tiarra MedleyThe Daily Northwestern

“I don’t like Bush and I’m funny as hell.”

That is the solitary quote used to describe Nate West on his Facebook profile. He attributes the statement to a friend, who created his profile on the Web site before he came to Northwestern.

“She (wrote) that about me about two and a half years ago, and I just think it is really funny, so I have just kept it here this entire time,” the Weinberg sophomore said.

The Minneapolis native, who is running as the sole contender for student services vice president, said he could stand to be a little funnier himself, but he makes up for it by being social.

“I’m a really personable person,” West said. “I really like talking to people and being around people. I like working with others.”

His campaign manager, Communication junior Tara Corrigan said she believes his pleasant demeanor is one of his biggest assets for doing a good job as student services vice president.

“What I think is best about Nate is that he has the ability to get along with anyone,” Corrigan said. “He really has the ability to help out all types of students on campus.”

West, a political science major who aspires to work in politics after graduation, has served on the executive board of both Alternative Student Break and Northwestern Class Alliance. He has been a senator in ASG for the last two years. This year he served on the committee that he seeks to head next year as SSVP.

“I have known Nate for two years and in my involvement with him, he has always stood out as someone who is a definite leader who has the ability to make change on campus,” Corrigan said.

West’s dedication to ASG in particular is very strong, according to his other campaign manager, Weinberg sophomore Chad Watkins.

“I served on the student services committee with him this year and I can honestly say there was no one more dedicated than Nate.,” Watkins said.

Although he is a very active member of the campus community, he said he places an emphasis on doing the best job possible, rather than attempting to shoulder too many responsibilities.

“I think it is important to not get overcommitted so that you can do a good job in the position you are in,” he said. “I don’t know if I am looking to get involved in any more organizations, but rather just get more involved in the ones I’m already in.”

He said he values his involvement with ASG, and would like to remain involved in the organization throughout his time at NU.

“I would just really want to continue to be in ASG, but to take on a higher position,” West said. “I could personally get a lot more work done and actually make sure more work is getting done.”

Corrigan said she supports West’s plans for the future.

“Just vote for him, he’s great.”

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