Q & A: Hannah Nielsen

Nina Mandell

Daily: What’s the best part about the lacrosse team?Nielsen: I think its the fun we have together just on and off the field we just have 30 best friends together

Daily: What do you miss most about Australia?Nielsen: Probably friends, family, food

Daily: Do you have kangaroo?Nielsen: No, I dont have a pet kangaroo, its not really common.

Daily: Do you seem them a lot?Nielsen: Only if you’re in the country. I mean there’s wildlife parks are stuff, but they’re not usually around.

Daily: If you had a pet kangaroo, what would you name it?Nielsen: Skippy

Daily: What’s something we don’t know about Australia?Nielsen: There’s not kangaroos everywhere.

Daily: What’s one thing we shouldn’t know about the lacrosse team?Nielsen: Probably (Kristen) Kjellman’s obsession with 80’s clothes, 80’s songs, countless things about the 80s. She has countless amounts of leggings and legwarmers. I think she was meant to be in the 80’s probably.

Daily: Who’s the worst cook on the team?Nielsen: Other than myself, I don’t know. I’d say it was myself.

Daily: What’s the hardest part of being on the team?Nielsen: I don’t not like anything about it. Maybe early mornings, but you get used to those.

Daily: What do you eat after practice?Nielsen: Me, Kjell and Aly (Josephs) go home and cook some eggs … they make omlettes and I usually just make scrambled.

Daily: What game are you most looking forward to this season?Nielsen: The Duke game’s always a good one. My dad’s coming over so I’m excited about that.

Daily: If you had a theme song what would it be?Nielsen: I listen to Wolfmothers, it’s an Australian band. I also listen to a little bit of rap, not really a particular song.

Daily: If the lacrosse team were on a tv show what would it be?Nielsen: Maybe the Real World or something competitive. We’re all a competitive bunch.

Daily: What’s your favorite tv show?Nielsen: Grey’s Anatomy and 24.

Daily: McSteamy or McDreamy?Nielsen: McDreamy

Daily: What’s your favorite facebook group?Nielsen: I’m in a lot of Australian groups, but I enjoy being in the one about (Kristen) Boege. It’s about all the funny random stuff she’s been doing. (It’s called) ‘Remember when Boege…’-Nina Mandell