Students March On Campus To Highlight Unity

By Tiarra Medley and Libby NelsonThe Daily Northwestern

Chanting and waving posters Friday morning, about 125 students marched from Patten Gymnasium to Norris University Center to increase awareness of multicultural groups on campus.

Shouting “Hey ho, hey ho, ignorance has got to go” and “We march for me, we march for you, we march for NU unity,” students from campus multicultural groups walked on the sidewalk along Sheridan Road and through the Fraternity and Sorority quads, waving posters with slogans such as “Diversity is everyone’s job.”

The “March for Unity” ended in a rally at the Norris food court, where student leaders spoke out in favor of diversity.

“We’ve done our part,” said Joslyn Teng, president of the Multicultural Greek Council. “Now it’s up to the campus to get to know about us, rather than trying to kick us off.”

Teng, a Music junior, and other student leaders of multicultural groups organized the event after a Jan. 31 Daily column by Weinberg senior Rob Jackman said groups based on ethnicity or culture segregate the student body.

Members of all of the Greek councils joined Alianza, For Members Only and the Asian Pacific American Coalition, as well as unaffiliated students, to express their support for culturally-based organizations and their significance at NU.