What’s On

Moira Lawler

The Super BowlSunday, 5:25 p.m.

The Chicago Bears (15-3) face the Indianapolis Colts (15-4) in Super Bowl XLI – two teams that have not felt Super Bowl splendor in quite some time. The Colts make their first appearance since Super Bowl V, while Chicago’s last Super Bowl shuffled with the legendary ’85 Bears.

Besides being a good game, it should be historical as well, with either Chicago’s Lovie Smith or Indianapolis’ Tony Dungy becoming the first African-American coach to win the Super Bowl.

For those of you who don’t quite understand football, the half-time show promises Prince and Beyonce, and the commercials never disappoint.

I Love New YorkSunday, 5:30 p.m.

She’s back! After getting booted off of Flavor oLove not once, but twice, the infamous New York is back to star in VH1’s reality series to find herself some Flavorless love. With 20 men vying for her heart, New York (with the help of her mother) will test the men on their daddy skills, money-making skills and physical skills. All the makings of a perfect man. Of course, the odds of any of the contestants posessing any of these qualities are slim to none. Just don’t try to tell them that.

In Sunday’s “Do You Have Love for New York,” Sister Patterson, New York’s mom, steps in to let the guys know that it is not one big party. New York will send five guys home by the end of the show.

Prison BreakMonday, 7 p.m. (FOX)

Lincoln Burrows has been framed for killing the brother of the vice president. His brother, Michael Scofield, commits a crime so he, too, can experience the joys of incarceration. But first, the brother has the blueprints of the prison tattooed onto his body with plans to help his brother escape. Very generic plot, right?

This week, guys will be hooked on the constant suspense as the convicts attempt to find the hidden $5 million and avoid getting captured. Girls will be hooked on the physical masterpieces of the searing Wentworth Miller and the blocky-but-in-a-hunky-way Dominic Purcell. So grab a partner and feast on the drama – or the boys.