Q & A: Eddie Simpson

Nina Mandell

By Nina MandellThe Daily Northwestern

GD: So did you watch “The Simpsons” ever?ES: Yeah … When I was younger.

GD: Was it because your last name was Simpson?ES: I had to sneak and watch them because my mom wouldn’t allow it … She said it taught bad habits.

GD: What character would you be on the Simpsons?ES: Bart. He’s tough, and I think I’m a little tough, so I would have to be Bart. I probably wouldn’t do bad in school, though.

GD: You’re graduating soon. What do you want to do?ES: Make money … I want to be a GM of either a basketball or football team or something. Definitley sports-related. I think I’m pretty good at scouting talent and stuff, so I think I’d be pretty good at putting together a team.

GD: What do you miss most about Texas?ES: The weather. Especially this time of year. It’s cold! Back home it would probably be 50 or something. Maybe a little rainy but better than 30 or 20.

GD: What about summer?ES: I’ll trade summers here, fall here, and then everything else there.

GD: What about food?ES: Oh yeah they have great food … What don’t I eat? It’s pretty much the same here, except with the restaurants you just have a lot more to choose from. Here you have pretty much Chili’s, Merle’s, Papa John’s …

GD: What’s your favorite food here?ES: Merle’s or Red Lobster. It’s hard to choose, because Red Lobster has the all-you-can-eat shrimps, but Merle’s has the wings and the fries and stuff.

GD: What do you get at Merle’s?ES: I get the 12 -piece buffalo-style wings, then the Big Bubba Burger with cheese and fries. And broccoli.

GD: Broccoli? Your mom teach you that?ES: Yeah, it’s the only vegetable she could get me to eat.

GD: So Texas… Do you know how to line dance?ES: Not anymore …