Q & A: Shaun Herbert

Chris Gentilviso

By Chris GentilvisoThe Daily Northwestern

Gameday: What has been the most memorable moment of your playing career here at NU?SH: Ohio State University. Beating them back in (’04), after 33 years, was by far the best experience.

GD: The Sporting News named you the Big Ten’s Wide Receiver with the Surest Hands this past year. How’d it feel to receive that title?SH: I was honored. I take pride in catching every ball thrown to me. It was a really prideful experience.

GD: Your current Facebook picture is a cover of Keyshawn Johnson’s book “Give me the damn ball”. Explain the choice.SH: I definitely think Keyshawn’s one of the top receivers in the game. But my all-time favorite has to be Jerry Rice. Steve Smith, Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson are the best in today’s game.

GD: You wear # 3. Any special meaning or story behind that?SH: Well I had #82 when I first joined the squad. Once I saw the single digit open up, I had to grab it. It just looks better.

GD: What is your favorite musical artist/band? How about a favorite song?SH: I’d have to say the Foo Fighters’ “The Best of You”. I listen to it before every game and try to bring that phrase out there on the field.

GD: Any other special pregame rituals?SH: No special rituals. Just listening to music. I do wear the same shirt under my jersey before every game.

GD: You’re from Maryland. What’s your favorite food?SH: Crabcakes and Maryland. That’s how we roll.

GD: What’s your favorite cocktail?SH: I don’t drink.

GD: If there was one talent you could have that you currently don’t hold, what would it be and why?SH: I wish I could sing. I can’t sing a lick. Might be tone deaf though, too.

GD: When you first came here, you passed up some other schools. What made you choose Northwestern?SH: I chose Northwestern over Duke and Bowling Green. I liked the spread offense and four wide receiver sets. It was definitely a better program, especially after they had just won the Big Ten title. I knew I’d get a better education here too. The Big Ten is the best conference in the country and I couldn’t pass that up.

GD: As you enter your final season, looking back on your time here, what are your thoughts? Which teammates will you miss most?SH: It’s been a great experience. It was tough adjusting at first, but once you find those friends and get involved, it comes easier. I will miss everyone, but especially those in my class … Cory, Cobb, Marquice … Those will be the ones I miss the most.

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