Letters To The Editor

Cubbage regrets comment

In an April 27 story regarding Northwestern’sdecision to cancel classes on Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the future, I was quoted using a vernacular phrase that means “complaining.” Given the reaction of some students, faculty and staff to that particular phrase, it’s clear that I should have chosen my words better.

I was attempting to stick up for the members of the King Day planning committees on both campuses. The students, faculty and staff on those groups have worked very hard in organizing the King Day events. Unfortunately their good work too often has been lost in the debate over the university’s previous policy of canceling classes for part of the day. Nevertheless, I should not have used the wording I did. I regret doing so, just as I regret having inadvertently hurt some members of the NU community.

The American humorist and sage Will Rogers once said, “Never pass up an opportunity to keep your mouth shut.” It’s advice I occasionally give to others when I’m providing communications counsel, but I failed to heed it in this instance.

I’m hopeful that NU’s new policy of canceling classes all day will enable more students, faculty and staff to engage in activities to honor Dr. King’s legacy. I look forward to a thoughtful, meaningful day of celebration next year.

-Alan K. Cubbage,Vice President of University Relations

Bring back John Kupetz

Aliza Appelbaum’s Wednesday article, “Students pick best faculty for honor roll,” missed a key point. Only one Medill professor, John Kupetz, was named to the honor roll, and Medill has decided not to allow John to teach any more classes.

Why would Medill let go of its only honor roll teacher? Because the school isn’t listening to its students. Students say John is the best Medill teacher they have encountered. He challenges students to work hard, he cares tremendously for his students and goes above and beyond.

John is a legendary teacher who regularly gives students C’s. Yet his CTECs are continually near 6.0. How many professors at this university are that amazing? Is this sort of professor really replaceable?