Letters To The Editor

Daily missed Relay for Life

It is extremely disappointing that the Northwestern press continues to focus on the women’s soccer team hazing incident. No mention was made in Monday’s Daily regarding the Relay for Life that took place over the weekend, or the $162,000 that NU was able to raise to benefit cancer research. While the school and press focused on what NU was doing wrong, they were oblivious to the fact that various student groups, including the women’s soccer team, spent their Friday night and Saturday morning walking in remembrance of those who have suffered from cancer.

Dance Marathon receives various media attention and publicity throughout the year. Although this may be the largest philanthropy on campus, the NU media should not overlook the other fundraisers that the student body is participating in. If you want NU to stop receiving bad publicity, stop writing about the hazing incident every day and start writing about the positive things that occurred on campus over the weekend. To all who participated in Relay for Life: Congratulations on a successful event.

– Elin Lindstrom, Weinberg sophomore

– Sara Freedman,SESP sophomore

The blotter needs some love

Every day when I pick up The Daily, I head straight to my favorite section: the blotter. Is there anything more hilarious or enjoyable than this part of The Daily? It’s the blotter that can give me that slight smirk of amusement as I walk from Kresge Hall to Norris University Center every day. Only the blotter can provide such bizarre, yet surprisingly true stories.

I feel like the blotter and its writers are the most underappreciated/overlooked parts of The Daily. The blotter is often squeezed in between ads and articles that students couldn’t care less about.

So here’s my shout-out of appreciation. Blotter, keep up the hilarious and often inappropriate stories that occur on and around campus, whether it be on bums stealing seafood from Evanston restaurants, naked men masturbating at midnight around Annie May Swift Hall or the very frequent stories about the police rounding up crackheads (apologies to those who attend Northwestern that enjoy smoking the rock).