DVD a whole ‘New World’ of extras

Amy Weiss

The New World DVD reveals a deeply researched historical process very rare to modern-day Hollywood filmmaking.

The Terrence Malick film, which received mixed reviews but ultimately flopped at the box office, comes loaded with a 10-part documentary-style feature about the making of the movie. Special features reveal everything from costummaking, to dialect-coaching, to an in-depth look at 14-year-old Pocahontas (Q’Orianka Kilcher) kissing Captain John Smith (Colin Farrell).

The documentary follows costumers, set builders and propmasters, showing their dedication to accuracy despite on-set challenges. The main goal of the crew was to recreate the life of the Algonquian people as it was when the English arrived. The crew conducted in-depth research and contacted chiefs of tribes descended from the Algonquian for assistance. For those watching on computers, the DVD also boasts Internet-only features.

Although the film is worth watching without all the extras, the behind-the-scenes footage enhances the authenticity of the epic and commands respect for the production.