Viewers get ‘Lucky’ with Josh Hartnett

Franklin Kao

Fresh dialogue, clever camera work and argyle sweaters are just a few items that make Lucky Number Slevin the stylish and sharp film that it is. From newbie writer Jason Smilovic and relatively unknown director Paul McGuigan (Wicker Park) comes a surprisingly fun film that stars Josh Hartnett (aka Josh ‘Hot’-nett, according to YM magazine) as Slevin, an extremely confused guy who happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Slevin’s bad luck directs him into the middle of a huge misunderstanding – a case of mistaken identity – between the two most infamous crime lords in New York: The Boss and The Rabbi (Morgan Freeman and Ben Kingsley, respectively).

Although it would seem like he already has enough to deal with, Slevin also meets Lindsey (Lucy Liu), a high-spirited girl that becomes a potential love interest, and Brikowski (Stanley Tucci), a nosy detective. On top of all that, a world-class assassin, Mr. Goodkat (Bruce Willis), comes into the equation and is somehow involved in all happenings.

This movie has an incredible cast that performs at a very decent level. Hartnett looks like a seasoned veteran as he glides through the role with confidence and poise. Even during a laid-back and upbeat film, the supporting cast does a more-than-satisfactory job portraying their characters, especially Liu, who shines in her quirky and joyous role.

But it’s Slevin’s style that’s most impressive. From the sleek sets to the sharp costumes, the film is extremely visually attractive. On top of that, there is a unique and engaging score that complements the film’s wit and character types.

Plot-wise, Slevin is also crafty and original. Though this film may seem convoluted at times – the beginning is a bit broken up and confusing – the story unfolds into an audience-pleasing wild ride that’s well worth your ticket price.

– Franklin Kao