Q & A with Bob Saget

Ketul Patel

Q:Why do you rip on the Danny Tanner persona in your stand-up?

A: In a couple of years, I’ll probably stop. But the audience right now grew up with “Full House,” so I’ll continue to do it for now.

Q:Did you regret having done the show?

A: I was working 80 hours a week (between “Full House” and “America’s Funniest Home Videos”). I was going nuts. I felt like I was funny but didn’t feel funny on the shows. But then I just went, “Shut up. It’s like the giving tree. You’re lucky, and this is a good job.”

Q: You’ve said you were doing this type of comedy when you were on “Full House.” Was it hard for you to keep the raunchiness separate from “Full House”?

A:I started my comedy when I was 17, and I had wild jokes from the start. In fact, my first joke was, “I have the brain of a German shepherd and the body of a 16-year-old boy. They are in my car. Do you want to see them?” But the show changed me. I felt like my voice was tainted because I had to serve that audience. If I cursed, it would have been a big deal in my stand-up back then. Everything I do now is R-rated.

Q:What do your daughters (ages 19, 16 and 13) think about your work?

A:My youngest daughter has seen some things, like when I hosted the (2002 Winter) Olympics, but she has not seen any of the dirty things. My 16-year-old actually watched my stand-up at the Laugh Factory for her 16th birthday. My 19-year-old, on her graduation, went to see me host at the Laugh Factory (a comedy club) along with her class. They think it’s cool to see what’s going on. I also shot a music video for Jamie Kennedy’s new MTV show (“Blowin’ Up”). My kids saw it and thought it was strange to have a dad who is almost 50 doing these things.

Q:Is it hard for you to break out of that Danny Tanner typecasting?

A: After doing “The Aristocrats” and “Entourage,” it’s been pretty easy. I also did a play in New York (“Privilege”). That gave me a lot of confidence. Doing theater and movies generally will do that. I get offered a lot of things. I could host all those terrible game shows, but I don’t want to do that.

Q:Do you still keep in touch with the rest of the cast from “Full House”?

A:All the time. – We went to dinner in Malibu. There were fourteen of us and people were just looking at us. They were probably thinking, “What is with these people?”