NU students: ‘Cut it out!’

Bob Saget’s material is considered adult mainstream comedy which, in theory, means it’s intended for an adult audience. The behavior of the mostly student audience at his stand-up act Friday makes us question Northwestern undergrads’ ability to act their age. Saget’s guest spot on “Entourage” and his appearance in “The Aristocrats” showcase his transformation from goofy dad to dirty daddy, but lewd humor on behalf of the performer does not sanction offensive audience conduct.

Saget performed on a weekend evening at a university; it’s expected that a few students would down a few cocktails before attending his act. But the noisy belligerence and intrusive behavior of the audience would have been fitting for a Kanye concert, not a comedic event.

The act was off to a bad start before Saget even stepped on stage – the overzealous audience were hushed multiple times by people sitting in the back rows of Pick-Staiger Concert Hall who couldn’t hear Saget’s voice.

During the performance, Saget talked about his real-life children but omitted their names. His attempt to maintain their privacy was thwarted by an audience member who shouted out one of their names. Saget attempted to cover his discomfort by noting his children are named DJ, Stephanie and Michelle, but he was clearly irritated.

Throughout his act, Saget was interrupted multiple times by audience antics. Certain female audience members had the gall to throw tampons scrawled with phone numbers at the comedian. Saget’s act was temporarily stopped to clear the stage.

He verbalized the sentiments of many audience members when he asked the tampon-throwers,”What made you think this was a good idea?”

Throwing your panties onstage at a rap concert is a tired tactic, but at least it’s socially acceptable. Pelting a comedian with feminine products just embarrasses the entire audience.

Saget’s material was meant for an adult audience. We clearly haven’t matured past our “Full House” days.

How rude.