Learn my name before my cup size

Random guy: “Hey, want to come over and watch TV in my mysteriously dark room that smells like corn chips?”

Loosely translated: “I want to have sex with you right now.”

Ladies, bless your souls, if you’ve tried dating recently, this pick-up line is still more glamorous than what you’re used to.

Now, I am and always will be a die-hard feminist. I do not want to return to the 1950s. (Men, make your own damn pot roast). But the feminist movement screwed us over!

Ever since the 1970s, men and women have supposedly become equal, but men have taken this idea and turned it into a license to disrespect women.

We’re objectified on television more than ever before. We’re strutting around in our underwear, sliding across the hood of a Bentley, covered in nacho cheese, letting some man tell us, “I’m gonna have you naked by the end of this song.”

Replacing the date is the hook-up. The trend is, “I hooked up with Chadwick, and now we might start dating. I don’t know.” You know where his tattoos are located before you’ve heard the stories behind them.

Whatever happened to man likes woman,woman likes man, man approaches woman and says, “Hi, my name is Jimmy and I think you’re swell. Can I take you out to dinner?”

Why, women, are we going along with their game? Women should be able to ask men out. But something’s not adding up. Society expects women to be the more passive gender, but at the same time we also are expected to initiate relationships.

Women on campus are frustrated. When a guy doesn’t call, we don’t know if he is just not interested or if he expects us to dial. And thus, all possibilities of dating go straight to hell.

I understand the desire to have fun, but every hook-up is a parasitic situation. You have your fun and then, honestly, how do you feel about it later? Maybe you led someone on, maybe you even lied, maybe you were deceived.

There is no in-between. It’s either you’re hooking up, or you’re picking out baby names. What is so intimidating about being in a relationship with someone? It’s not a new concept. I can think of a million things worse than a relationship. No, reading this column is not one of them. You know you like it.

With some notable exceptions, men, as far as sex goes, want to sow their wild oats. Women want a partner who is going to be around for more than the two minutes it takes for him to get off. Who is benefiting from this hooking-up business? Men!

Men just want it easy, and women, we’re giving in. If we want to change society, we can’t settle for a crumb when we want a loaf of bread.

Yeah, he’s probably hot, but we will be much happier with someone who will respect us and treat us like women, not like booty calls.

Jasmine Wiggins is a Medill sophomore. She can be reached at [email protected]