Letters to the Editor

Photo demonizes smokers

I am a smoker.

Am I a sketchy-looking, balding and bearded old man sitting alone at the Keg? No.

It is to my understanding that the photo for Tuesday’s front page story was taken on a Monday night, a prime night for Northwestern students to attend the Keg.

Why weren’t any of those students documented smoking cigarettes? I know they do. I’ve personally seen them.

The word I was thinking of was “bias.”

Why must America and now the Daily demonize cigarette smokers?

Do you really believe that smokers, such as the brooding Peter Wetzel, featured in the photo, smoke with the intent to kill those around them?

Addiction is defined as a psychological or physiological need. Therefore, life is a series of addictions. People are addicted to caffeine, porn, music and, yes, even cigarettes. There is really no limit to human desire. The idiosyncrasies of human nature will never fully be defined or necessarily understood.

Yes, I know cigarette smoke can be potentially pernicious and uncomfortable to non-smokers or people with asthma. I understand if Evanston wants to ban smoking in restaurants to promote a more healthful and enjoyable dining experience for the patrons. My qualm is with the manner in which the article was written.

“Some restaurants in other cities have reported that they have actually won over customers after becoming smoke-free.”

That’s fantastic factual evidence there. I believe you already.

Or as Evanston resident Liz Andrews says, “If Lexington, Ky., of all places can go smoke-free, why can’t Evanston? It defies logic.”

Well, Liz, the most exciting thing about Lexington, Ky., is that it’s the “Horse Capital of the World.” Their latest news is that a thief stole library donation money. Who or what is defying logic again? I’ve lost count.

But then again, I’m just another cigarette smoker.