Letters to the editor

Pick your battles, Balhorn

I wholeheartedly agree with Loren Balhorn’s letter concerning the atrocious manner in which Amanda FitzSimons describes her physical attributes. How dare she intentionally make light of all the hardship facing this universe by using her biography to speak only about herself!

Her insensitivity continues as, in an egocentric and elitist vein, she shamelessly brags about her handwriting.

I personally have struggled with my Denelian since the first grade and don’t understand how an award-winning daily publication could allow my situation to be so callously trivialized.

The portion of this incident I find most disappointing is the insistence of an overzealous freshman to indoctrinate political correctness in every aspect of his college life. The point of college is not to throw a penalty flag every time you see or hear something that your sociopolitical conscience tells you might be offending someone, somewhere.

I am not advocating racial slurs, derogatory language or Holocaust denial. And I have nothing

but respect for people who have the courage to take a stand. Just pick your battles wisely.

I get it: The situation in sub-Saharan Africa is dire. But I bet Balhorn can find much better examples of mass media’s lack of concern with the world than a tongue-in-cheek remark written in the third person by a Daily columnist. And I am sure he has been looking.

– Matt Rosenthal,

Communication senior

Figueroa can’t quit Bentley

I just wanted to clarify that Andrew Bentley was, in fact, the one who spat beer all over the hotel room wall. Also, Bentley conveniently forgot to mention the “Brokeback Mountain Quote-Off,” which our car won, regardless of his claim to a tie. “Enus, quit your hammerin’ and get in here.”

Over and out.

-Mike Figueroa,

Music senior