Where the party at

For the bipedal Evanston-ite, it’s a bit of a trek to the smoky, “looks better in the dark than daylight” club known as Transit. After schlepping to west Chicago for close to an hour and a half, I began to wonder if it was worth it. The sight I met when I stepped off the Green Line Ashland stop didn’t exactly brigthen my spirits; think abandoned factories and deserted streets. I wasn’t sure if I was looking at some edgy, up-and-coming neighborhood in the rough or the prospects for the sketchiest night out I’ve had in awhile. Once I approached the club, though, I realized there were signs of life so my mind was put at ease.

But I was officially scared shitless when it came time to dispell cash. It’s $15-20 at the door and inside drinks (at the club’s adequate bar) are around $8 a pop. My wallet is svelte, so I cried a little into my vodka and tonic.

If you like to dance though, the money is (almost) worth it. The music is above average, which means shallow pop is rarely in rotation and hip-hop is the flavor of the day. I could have used some Basement Jaxx, but I digress. This is a Mecca of party people, and should you feel the exhibitionist within you clawing to get out, there are platforms for anyone to gyrate on. But let’s be honest, only women are really welcome to take heed. The random stranger slapping my ass on the way to the bathroom disengaged any mild consideration to partake in said exhibitionism.

Transit is quite the experience, and while I wouldn’t make the trip every weekend, it was worth it for the dancing and the girl puking in the bathroom on my way out.

Transit is located at 1431 West Lake St. It’s open 12 a.m.-4 a.m. Wednesday; 10 p.m.-4 a.m. Friday; and 10 p.m.-5 a.m. Saturday.

– Lindsay Sakraida