UP: Officers attacked when arresting trespasser

aura Olson

An Evanston woman attacked and yelled curses at University Police officers Wednesday night at the Norris University Center after police responded to a call that she was harassing students, said Asst. Chief Daniel McAleer of UP.

Officers responded to Norris at about 9 p.m. and found Angelle Massion, 34, a resident of the 300 block of Dempster Street, in a lounge area, McAleer said. Massion refused to show officers identification when police told her she was trespassing, then began to yell at the officers using racial slurs, police said.

Massion ran toward the exit doors but then turned and told the officers that she “was not going anywhere,” McAleer said. She continued to yell and curse at the officers. He said officers tried to calm Massion down, but she spit at them.

At one point she got close to an officer and attempted to grab his shirt, McAleer said. The officer blocked Massion’s arm and placed her under arrest, with the help of two other officers.

Massion hit one officer on the way to the police car, knocking his glasses off and breaking them, McAleer said. She began kicking at officers as they placed her in the car’s back seat, asking the officer she kicked if it hurt him, McAleer said.

Massion was charged with criminal damage to property, trespassing, resisting an officer and battery after being taken to the UP station, McAleer said.

She refused to have her picture taken, make any phone calls or cooperate in any way with the police officers, McAleer said. Officers took her to the Evanston Police Department, where she stayed until her bond hearing Thursday morning.

None of the officers were treated for their injuries, McAleer said.

-Laura Olson