Highs and Lows

Thumbs Down to the Admin –

– for not publicizing EthicsPoint, an online system for anonymously filing complaints, including reports of cheating, sexual harassment and theft. Since the system launched on campus in April, there have been 29 complaints filed. Does this mean the university is perfect and that no one cheats? Not quite. Michael Moody, Northwestern’s auditing director of compliance, said students are unfamiliar with the program and that’s why they’re not using it.

The university is paying for a service that isn’t being used. In addition to wasting money, administrators aren’t fulfilling a promise that the program would help curb cheating on campus.

This isn’t students’ fault. Administrators need to publicize this service. We’ll give them a head start: go to www.northwestern.edu/ethics to file a report, or call 866-294-3545.

Thumbs Down to NU’s Scheduling –

– for breaking up the holiday season. No sooner do Northwestern students drive, fly or skateboard home to grab some turkey or tofurkey with the fam, then we return to campus for less than two weeks for Reading and Finals week fun/stress.

For those of us flying home this can amount to quite a chunk of change, as well as more visits to Midway or O’Hare then we’d care to recount. Others are stuck in the dorms (and hopefully NU keeps the heat raised for those of us who are Thanksgiving orphans).

We reiterate the suggestion made on this page last year (because the scheduling Gods didn’t listen to the Forum Page the first time) that NU start Fall Quarter at the end of August, like almost every other school, and set us free from finals before Thanksgiving break. Now that would be something to be thankful for.

Thumbs Up to Hanson –

– for bringing us back to our youth. When the once long-haired pop group came to campus on Tuesday sounds of “Mmmbop” rang through students’ heads. The memories of the carefree junior high years sure must have been sweet to feel.

It’s a shame that Hanson didn’t get to show off their vocal prowess before a sold out audience of former teenybopper girls and 13 brave men. Instead, they were relegated to merely talking about their new documentary. It’s a shame that these kids’ careers peaked so early. Oh, what could have been.

Thanks for the take on the music industry, Hanson. Nice to know people who were relevant in the last century still care about the industry that made them rich – and found them their respective significant others.

Maybe, as a tribute, every boy should hold off on their next haircut – remember all of the good times Hanson gave us back in the era of Sheryl Crow and the Spice Girls.

Thumbs up to ROSSLANE.COM –

– for bringing “sexy straight women and hot gay guys” together in their worship for the “superduper sexy” Northwestern football wide receiver Ross Lane.

The rabid Wildcat backers have long complained about the overwhelming lack of interest in NU sports. This site shows that impassioned fans exist. Much like New York Yankees shortstop/hunk Derek Jeter brings out people who wouldn’t know a home run if it hit them in the face, Lane has created a new breed of fans of the Cats.

We’re saddened that that Ross Lane fan out there felt the need to hide his identity in The Daily. Your crush is nothing to be ashamed of.

One last thing, sexy straight women and hot gay guys: please take some Web design courses. Lane might be sexy, but your Web site sure isn’t.

Highs and Lows reflects the opinion of The Daily’s editorial board.