DVD sans extras still ‘Arrest’-ing

Amy Weiss

In its sophomore season, the Emmy-winning comedy Arrested Development continues to deliver laughs as it follows the Bluth family for another year of dysfunction and misfortune.

Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman) is at the center of all the chaos as the underappreciated voice of reason and the head of the family’s housing development business. While he works to keep the company on track, Michael also is forced to manage his eccentric and spoiled family members and still be a model parent for his teenage son.

The second season deals with increasing potential scandal facing the Bluth Company involving a clever and timely connection to Iraq and the feigned death of Michael’s father, George (Jeffrey Tambor). When George returns to the family, he creates a struggle for corporate control and a series of sticky situations.

The DVD includes typical bonus features such as deleted scenes, bloopers and episodes with cast and director commentary, but the episodes themselves are the only reason to purchase the set. If you’ve seen the show, you know why it’s worth watching again and again, and if you’ve never seen it – well, that’s a crime and it’s about time you were arrested.

– Amy Weiss