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Jessica Joslin

Monday columnist

As the third generation and fifth person from my family to attend Northwestern, it is a surprise I don’t bleed purple. But times have changed since my grandfather stepped on campus. We filled in the lake, our dorms are coed and we built a library that looks like a space-age prison.

Students went from storming the Bursar’s Office to fight discrimination to whispering their discontent about the few hours we get off for Martin Luther King Jr. day. Since our founding in 1851 NU students have witnessed a lot, and in the last three years so have I.

I used to spend my time as the Co-director of College Feminists and I had a two-year long stint working on safety issues in ASG. Now I fill my afternoons with magnetic poetry, Diet Pepsi and divinity school applications. You read correctly; I want to be a minister. It’s not too often you run across a Unitarian/sorority girl/Canadian/Seattleite like myself, and I’m ready and willing to speak my mind.

The Forum page is not a place to discuss national politics. Columns and letters should focus on campus issues and that is exactly what I plan to do. I intend to challenge the status quo on topics ranging from the Medill Cherub program to the quarter system. I’ve spent more time hanging out in Norris and scouring the university archives than I care to admit, and it’s time to share what I’ve learned.