Koester twins double their fun with commercial casting tryout

Nina Mandell

Lacrosse Notebook

Just in case the lacrosse gig doesn’t work out for seniors Ashley and Courtney Koester, the twins are looking into other career options — as the new Doublemint Twins.

The twins went to Chicago on April 26 to try to wow the Doublemint gum talent scouts with their jump rope routine, competing against hundreds of other twins.

“Everyone in the house was like, ‘You have to go, you have to go,’ but we were like ‘no’ because we were kind of busy,” Courtney Koester said. “But right after that I went to check my e-mail and my mom e-mailed me and was like, ‘You should try out for the Doublemint commercial.’ So I was like, ‘We have to.'”

The twins do not believe they will be called back because tryouts were more than 12 days ago and they haven’t heard from the Doublemint casting director.

They were competing for $10,000 and a chance to be in a Doublemint commercial. But they said they were glad to get a chance to sport their matching outfits and jump rope routine while meeting some interesting sets of twins, including their favorite pair — a set of middle-aged construction workers.

“It was just a really cool experience,” Ashley Koester said. “Twin galore. Trying out to be cast for a stick of gum, it was pretty interesting.”

Another Broken Record

Junior attacker Lindsey Munday is 11 points shy of breaking Northwestern’s record for the most points in a season, set by Kate Oleykowski in 1987. Munday, who moved from midfielder to attacker this year, has 47 goals and 44 assists so far this season.

NU coach Kelly Amonte Hiller pointed to Munday as a key part of NU’s top-ranked offense and said the move from midfield to attack gave her a chance to be a more intricate part of the offense.

“She’s got the ability to both score and assist, and she’s very tough inside the 8-meter,” Amonte Hiller said. “I think those are the characteristics that make her so great. I think what’s exciting is that our attack is working so well together and getting so many different combinations.”

Munday had five goals and one assist in the Cats’ 18-5 win over Ohio State on Thursday.

Munday’s favorite scoring combination partner, sophomore Kristen Kjellman, is moving up in the NU history book as well. The midfielder made it to No. 5 on NU’s all-time scoring list, with 101 career goals.

Kjellman had three goals against Ohio State on Thursday and needs 15 goals to move into the No. 3 spot on the Wildcats’ all-time scoring list.

“(Kjellman has) got an awesome mentality,” Amonte Hiller said. “She’s just a finisher.”

Fearing the Turtle

Former Maryland standout Amonte Hiller isn’t the only Terrapin looking to beat her alma mater in the NCAA tournament should the opportunity arise in the second round.

Amonte Hiller’s former teammates are everywhere in the championship, including with the Wildcats’ first-round opponent, Mount St. Mary’s.

Coach Courtney Martinez Connor was a 2001 graduate and First-Team All-American at Maryland but missed playing with Amonte Hiller by four years.

If the Cats move onto the second round, they will face the winner of the matchup between Princeton and Maryland. The Terrapins are coached by NU’s first coach, Cindy Timchal, who also coached Amonte Hiller during her college years.

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