Coffee is so cliche (Coffee shop review)

Coffee addicts, beware. The next big fad in designer caffeine drinks is hardly a venti nonfat double-latte mocha macchiato, or even a simple Colombian roast. Thanks to Argo Tea Cafe, 958 W. Armitage, hordes of former Starbucks aficionados are throwing away their coffee beans in exchange for a modern version of a timeless British tradition.

Argo Tea is so packed on Saturday afternoons that many customers enjoy their drinks standing up or positioned on the floor. The cozy atmosphere doesn’t faze the locals and students who claimed the furniture earlier in the day, typing on their laptops or reading the newspaper while sipping their tea.

The shop’s most popular menu items are its “signature drinks,” inventive tea creations such as “Tea Sangria” (fresh fruits blended with hibiscus tea), “Tea Sparkle” (carbonated iced tea), “SmooTea” (a tea smoothie available in six fruit varieties) and “Teappuccino,” the coffee-shop classic prepared tea-style. Clientele can purchase loose-leaf teas from self-serve containers to prepare later, or order hot or iced tea for immediate consumption. Tea varieties range from traditional (Earl Grey and Chamomile), to unusual (Ginger Peach and Rooibos Vanilla), to downright absurd (Popcorn Genmaicha and Argentinean Mat