ASG to review TA evaluations, future of paper CTECs

Michelle Ma

Legislation addressing academic suggestions from student and faculty will be presented to Associated Student Government senators during tonight’s meeting.

The legislation — two proposals that passed through ASG’s Academic Committee this week — seeks feedback about registration course packets being available online only.

If the legislation is passed by the Senate next week, the poll will appear on the HereandNow Web site and ask students to evaluate the decision to discontinue the printed version of the registration guide, said Jordan Fox, the CAESAR and Course and Teacher Evaluation Council subcommittee chairwoman. Fox is the author of both bills.

"If the majority of the student body prefers it online, that’s great," said Fox, a Communication sophomore. "If the majority don’t like it, (the Academic Committee) will take that to the registrar and try to lobby for a decent amount of packets for those who prefer them."

Fox added that even if the poll results indicate that only a minority would prefer printed packets, she still will talk with registrar officials to compromise for some printed packets.

The registrar decided to discontinue printed versions of the course packet effective during registration for this Winter Quarter.

Freshmen were the only class to use the online course guide for both Fall and Winter Quarter registrations.

"Not everybody is computer savvy," Fox said. "Not everyone thinks it’s convenient (online)."

The second bill addresses student and faculty suggestions, including a move to enable professors to obtain their teaching assistants’ student evaluations earlier.

Professors then can work with their teaching assistants to improve instruction, Fox said.

Because TAs rarely work with the same professor for consecutive quarters, it is too late to work with them for improvement by the time professors get their TAs’ evaluations.

The student and faculty suggestions included in this bill have been collected by ASG senators and committee members since the beginning of the year.

If passed by the Senate, students can expect Academic Committee members to take these suggestions to the registrar in an attempt to reach some compromises, Fox said.

In other news, all B- and T-status student groups must submit annual review applications by Friday.

Applications must be submitted by 5 p.m. to Executive Vice President Howard W. Buffett’s mailbox, located in the ASG office in Norris University Center.

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