Q&A with Illinois guard Dee Brown

Daily: Hey, Dee, I’m Ariel from The Daily Northwestern. I do these interviews about non-basketball topics so when we play you, we can write interesting facts about you.

DEE BROWN: I’m gonna lie.

Daily: Um, OK, well we’ll just see how it goes.

DB: All right.

Daily: What kind of toys did you play with when you were little?

DB: Toys? I didn’t have toys.

Daily: You didn’t have toys?

DB: I played with pens and pencils. I’m not lying to you. I’m serious … well, I had a Fisher Price basketball. That’s a toy, right?

Daily: Yeah, it’s a toy. But only a Fisher Price basketball? Not a real one?

DB: Nah. I couldn’t afford it.

Daily: What’s your best Halloween costume?

DB: Probably my Batman costume.

Daily: Are you really into Batman?

DB: Yeah, I used to love that movie.

Daily: Why Batman and not another superhero?

DB: Because I love that movie. (Sings) Batman, na na na na na na na na, Batman!

Daily: What sport do you wish you were better at?

DB: I play every sport good. I’m decent. So, like as good as I am at basketball? Golf. I’m terrible. I hit the ball everywhere. My mechanics are not good. Terrible, pretty much.

Daily: Can you tell me about the smell down in Urbana-Champaign?

DB: We got flies. Like all year round. That shouldn’t be possible. When it gets cold, they should leave. They stay, as I’ve noticed. That’s not even possible. Flies are not even supposed to live in those conditions. Flies’ life expectancy is 48 hours. They live for years in Champaign. There’s some that are so old that they can’t even fly no more. They just sit in one spot all day. That’s how bad the smell is.

Daily: Whoa, that’s pretty bad.

DB: Isn’t that messed up? Yeah.

Daily: How about a hobby or talent?

DB: Video games. I’ll challenge anybody — college football, NBA Live, Madden, I’ll beat you, it don’t matter.

Daily: How many hours a day do you devote to video games?

DB: Like seven or eight.

Daily: That’s like a full-time job.

DB: Yes.

Daily: Do you ever go to class?

DB: Do I go to class?

Daily: Yeah, like how do you fit in class and basketball practice with all your video game time?

DB: I go to class from 9 to 1, practice from 2 to 6, from 7 to 2 in the morning —

Daily: That’s when you play video games.

DB: Yes. That’s seven hours. You do the math.

Daily: Um, OK, I will. Moving on, what do you think of Northwestern?

DB: Northwestern, they’re a great school. They’re like — wait, you’re talking about basketball?

Daily: Yeah.

DB: Oh. Well they got Tony Parker — they got T.J. Parker, who I think is an overlooked point guard. They got like, eight foreigners, two of them will be NBA prospects. They got a great coach — Coach of the Year. They just got a great offense, great continuity. They’ll be as good as T.J. Parker allows them to be.

Daily: Is there one thing that you want everyone at Northwestern to know about you?

DB: I’m the video game king. And nobody will beat me at ping pong. And I’m a good pool player.

Daily: And anything else?

DB: And I like to talk. And I don’t like Northwestern. I don’t like the purpleness, the purple. I don’t like it.

— Ariel Alexovich