News brief: Papa John’s driver robbed of cell phone, wallet, cash

A Papa John’s delivery driver was robbed at gunpoint while delivering a pizza in west Evanston early Saturday, police said.

The delivery man was returning to his car when two men ran up and surrounded him in an alley on the 1400 block of Darrow Avenue at about 2:30 a.m., said Deputy Chief Joe Bellino of Evanston Police Department.

The Papa John’s employee told police a man in a red hooded sweatshirt held a gun to his face and told him to drop the money he was holding.

The other man, who was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, stood behind the delivery man and stole a cell phone and wallet from his pocket, Bellino said.

The wallet contained $25 and several credit cards, Bellino said. The delivery man told police the men took $100 total.

The men then walked the delivery man to his car and told him to open the passenger-side door, Bellino said. The men rifled through the car’s glove compartment and asked for a pizza.

After the delivery man told the men he didn’t have any more pizza, they ran south on Darrow Avenue, Bellino said.

The delivery man called police after he returned to Papa John’s, 1743 Benson Ave., Bellino said.

Officers who returned to the scene were unable to find the suspects, the wallet or the cell phone, Bellino said.

The delivery man told police he is always careful and hadn’t noticed anything unusual in the area before the men appeared.

— Marissa Conrad