New campus maps to guide visitors, freshmen

Michelle Ma

Students and newcomers to Northwestern’s Evanston Campus won’t need to stop and ask for directions anymore. Over Winter Break facilities management workers installed six map directories on various sidewalks around campus.

Directory sites are located just south of Louis Hall, south of Scott Hall on Sheridan Road and in the south Sargent Hall parking lot. Each standing directory displays a campus map on one side and a more detailed map of the immediate area on the other side.

Themed art work, new signs and fresh carpeting installed over break in Norris University Center beautify the older meeting rooms, Norris Director Rick Thomas said. The Northwestern Room received the most work over break, including several wall photo collages and new carpeting.

“The Northwestern Room previously was not a room we’d be proud of,” Thomas said. “It was looking a little tired and worn out and our goal was to spruce it up and say we’re proud to call it our namesake room.”

Five meeting rooms were recarpeted and new tables, which can be easily rearranged depending on the size of the group meeting, were installed in the Wisconsin and Penn State rooms.

The Louis Room’s hardwood floor was refinished, as well.

Norris meeting rooms — named for universities in the Big Ten — were causing confusion because rooms were not identifiable by number, Thomas said. After receiving feedback that room names should correspond to the floor numbers, Norris officials decided to compromise with new signs that display both the room number and the name of the Big Ten university.

“We decided to have the best of both worlds,” Thomas said.

Building directories, including room guides installed in elevators and posted wall directories, have been updated to display the room names and numbers.

Students were pleasantly surprised to see the changes made to the exterior of campus during the break.

“I just saw (a map) across the street from The Arch, and I was surprised with the new additions to campus,” said Lijia Evariz, a Weinberg sophomore. “I thought it was a good idea because it was a busy spot.”

But some students said the vertical maps aren’t helpful for full-time students who are already familiar with the campus.

“I didn’t really take a look at the maps,” said June Kim, a Weinberg freshman. “I think they would be helpful for freshman who are new to school, but now I don’t need them.”

Kim added that the maps would probably be helpful for visitors.

The Daily’s Kellie Mitchell contributed to this report.

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