Winter classes discourage cross-campus treks

Elizabeth Campbell

Weinberg freshman Lora Alkhawam hopes to avoid journeying between North and South campuses next quarter.

With the approaching Chicago winter soon to become a very chilly reality, the Saudi Arabia native said she wants to arrange her schedule to minimize the trek to class during the traditionally harsh winter days.

“Considering it’s going to be extremely miserable weather this quarter, I’d rather not have to worry about getting to class on time and being cold as I’m trying to get there,” Alkhawam said.

Although class location is not a determining factor for most Northwestern students when choosing courses, some do take it into consideration as they prepare for the subzero temperatures.

Undergraduates often have more flexibility in choosing classes and decide to put off some courses until Spring Quarter.

Location is not a primary consideration for students choosing classes, said Weinberg College Adviser and English Lecturer Liz Fekete Trubey.

“I think it’s a legitimate factor, but I certainly don’t think it should be an important factor,” Fekete Trubey said.

She added that a student’s academic program, interests and the characteristics of given courses are more significant.

“You (take) a risk in not taking a class in winter simply because it’s a walk in the snow,” she cautioned.

Despite her misgivings, Alkhawam said she did not bring up her cold weather concerns to her academic adviser.

“For students, (location) is a little more important than advisers might think,” Alkhawam said. “(Advisers) don’t really have to walk to and from during the cold winter days.”

More often than not, students have to endure inconvenient walks to class to fulfill distribution and major requirements.

Weinberg freshman Maureen Beederman lives at 1835 Hinman, the tip of South Campus, but most of her Winter Quarter classes will be on the north end.

“If I got to choose, I would choose (courses) closer to my dorm,” Beederman said. “Most often biology and math classes are in Tech, (so) I kind of have to walk there.

“It’s a pain walking, but I guess it’s good exercise,” she added.

Weinberg junior Jonathan Chan admits that as an underclassman, he considered weather when arranging his schedule.

But Chan said he feels getting a good dorm is the real key to handling the cold weather. Chan lived in Sargent Hall his freshman year, because he intended to take courses primarily on North Campus.

“All in all, if you have to take a class, you have to take it,” Chan said. “Weather is not a major concern.”

With the curriculum requirements students face, many are unable to consider more frivolous factors such as weather or location.

But McCormick senior Jack Russo acknowledges that with a school the size of NU, no class is really that far.

“Anywhere on campus is pretty much close enough,” Russo said. “Take classes you’re interested in. Get a warm jacket if (you are) cold.”

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