ASG honors Lieb’s life, elects senators to SAFB

The Associated Student Government opened Wednesday night’s meeting with legislation honoring the life of Frederick Lieb, the McCormick junior who died after Saturday night’s football game against Ohio State.

Darin Smith-Gaddis, Lieb’s former roommate and an off-campus senator, co-authored the bill.

In other business, senators re-elected three senators to the Student Activities Finance Board.

The SAFB recommends how funds for A-status student groups should be allocated.

Those elected — David Kim, Sara Ittelson, and Todd Lewis — emphasized their SAFB experience to give themselves an edge over the other two candidates.

“I have a unique perspective,” said Kim, a Weinberg junior who has been a member of SAFB since Spring Quarter 2003. “I can explain why our policies are the way they are.”

Nevertheless, three new SAFB members were elected last quarter and so at least one-third of the board won’t have experienced the funding cycle or the allocation of funds, said Zaid Pardesi, SAFB chairman.

Weinberg junior Victoria Coons and Weinberg freshman Mike Breidenbach are non-senators elected to SAFB on Wednesday.

Executive committee members also were elected: Jay Schumacher, Cathy Biglari, Geoff Miller, Paul Boye, Jack Vrett and Jack McQuiston. The committee advises B- and T-status groups.

— Helena Oh