Student leaders plans Dillo Day-esque event with barbecue, movie

Helena Oh

Setting the Record Straight: A headline in Sept. 21’s Daily mischaracterized the Associated Student Government’s involvement in First Friday, the campuswide event scheduled for Oct. 1. A coalition of student leaders are planning the event.

The Daily regrets this error

The Associated Student Government Senate committees had their number one priority –students — in mind this summer as they planned Fall Quarter events and prepared legislation for the upcoming year.

“ASG’s focus for the year is to connect with student groups,” said Jane Lee, ASG president. “We want to outreach to students more and provide students with direct services.”

Part of that effort, First Friday, is a new campus-wide event starting this fall that seeks to bring students together in an atmosphere resembling Dillo Day’s in the spring.

On Oct. 1 the Norris East Lawn will host a barbeque, fireworks and an outdoor movie for students, said ASG’s Campus Public Relations Chairwoman Sara Whitaker, who spent part of the summer organizing First Friday.

“There are few large campus-wide events that students can attend,” said Whitaker. “We hope students can make this event their own in the future.”

The Campus Public Relations Committee planned First Friday with student group leaders and other interested students, Whitaker said. ASG received provisional funding for the event through the Undergraduate Budget Priorities Committee.

Friday After Class, one of ASG’s first bar nights of the quarter, also will be held on Oct. 1. The event allows returning students to meet up with old friends and new students to meet upperclassmen. Drinks will be served to students 21 and older.

Another fall event is Big Bite Night on Sept. 26. So far, the External Relations committee has 19 restaurants confirmed and is in the process of getting more eateries to offer free food samples to students with a WildCARD, said Jon Marino, ASG’s external relations chairman.

“Our fundamental mission is to build relationships with the community that benefits students,” Marino said.

The External Relations committee also committed to a voter registration drive. Every student living in a dorm should have received a motor voter registration card when he or she checked in because students must re-register to vote if their address has changed, Marino said. Voter cards are also available at Norris.

Deputy registrars are stationed at each dining hall and there will be opportunities to register at The Rock on Oct. 4 and 5, the last couple of days to register to vote.

The Academic Committee received confirmation that Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences would table last year’s proposal to cut the number of Advanced Placement credits from 12 to four. This year’s freshmen will not be affected by a cut if the proposal is ever approved, said Prajwal Ciryam, ASG’s academic vice president.

The committee lobbied in the spring to expand — and not cut, as was proposed — the number of Asian American Studies courses. NU hired a new lecturer, but the number of coursees offered will remain the same.

Also over the summer, the Student Services Committee addressed student safety on campus. Every dorm should have a map of the campus shuttle route and the committee also is trying to place shuttle maps and schedules in local businesses and at every shuttle stop, said Alex Lurie, ASG’s student services vice president. Resident assistants and security monitors should have this information, Lurie said.

The committee researched the costs to make the campus more accessible to users of scooters and wheelchairs. Members also are looking into adding gender identity to the Northwestern anti-discrimination policy, Lurie added.

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