Ex-student gets probation for fake hate crime

Scott Gordon

A former Northwestern student charged with filing false reports of hate crimes and another charged with selling marijuana on campus Fall Quarter both reached plea deals in early June.

Jaime A. Saide, a former Communication freshman, and Maya Jensen, a former Weinberg sophomore, both were sentenced to two years’ probation after pleading guilty to charges less severe than the ones they originally faced.

Saide, better known as Xander, was charged with two felony counts of disorderly conduct after police said he confessed to Evanston Police Department investigators that he fabricated accounts of two hate crimes in November. He was sentenced June 2.

Jensen was arrested in October and charged with four drug-related felonies and a misdemeanor. Her charges were reduced to one count of delivery of cannabis, to which she pled guilty. She was sentenced June 1.

Saide told police he found the words “Die Spic” written on a poster adjacent to his first-floor room in Chapin Residential College on Nov. 4. Four days later he told police someone held a knife to his neck and whispered, “Spic, we didn’t run away this time,” to him on the street near his dorm. The incidents sparked outrage on the Evanston Campus as students denounced the acts.

Evanston police arrested Saide Nov. 18, saying he had confessed to making up the incidents. Court records show that Associate Vice President for Student Affairs Mary Desler deposited $300 cash and signed a bail bond form on Saide’s behalf that afternoon.

At a Feb. 10 appearance at Circuit Court in Skokie, Saide pleaded innocent to the charges. The charges were later reduced to misdemeanors, to which he pleaded guilty on April 28.

Saide’s mother declined to say if her son would return to NU or apply to another school.

His lawyer, Barry Spector, said Saide would be able to attend school anywhere in the country under the conditions of his probation.

Jensen could not be reached for comment.

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