Evanston 101: Out-of-the-way attractions give city extra character

Scott Gordon

If you know where to look, you’ll find that Evanston offers its residents all sorts of ways to amuse themselves. Tucked amid the city’s major chain movie theater and chain bookstores, there’s a hidden wealth of art and entertainment.

Maple Avenue Gallery, 1745 Maple Ave.; Gallery Mornea, 602 Davis St.; Tucker Gallery, 1939 Central St. — The best among Evanston’s many art galleries.

Dr. Wax, 1615 Sherman Ave. — The only place near campus to get CDs and vinyl at a decent price.

Mary and Leigh Block Museum of Art, 40 Arts Circle Dr. — It’s right here on campus but often gets ignored. During the summer and the regular school year, Block Cinema shows a series of classics, documentaries and recent independent films. The museum also features works by contemporary artists.

Howard’s Books, 2000 Maple Ave. — A huge selection of used books. The longer they’ve been sitting there, the lower the prices.