Letters to the Editor

Cheating is only for the weak; students of honor follow rules

I found the article in Thursday’s Daily about student cheating to be very informative, but I was upset to find that many students blame their cheating on a need to be competitive with demanding academic standards.

Giving in to cheating just shows that the student is unable to compete. The only true reason people cheat is because of laziness. They come to a problem or situation that they are too weak or too lazy to overcome, and so they take the easy route and copy off someone else. Blaming society for having high expectations is just another way cheating students try to sidestep their own laziness and buckle under the pressure. Students should either have the responsibility to do their own work or have the humility to accept the bad grade they deserve.

Val Thompson

Medill freshman

Night at Wrigley gives NU chance to kick back, relax

Tuesday night I was presented with the amazing opportunity to attend my first Cubs game. As if that weren’t enough, I was lucky enough to attend the sold-out event at Wrigley Field with 2,000 of my classmates. Envisioning this event since the beginning of the year and finally being able to see it come to fruition, I watched as splotches of purple lined the terrace seats and truly was proud to be a Wildcat.

Although the final score of the game didn’t turn out as well as I would have liked, the turnout from Northwestern was more than enough. We were able to tear ourselves away from our dorms, books, meetings and the millions of other things we do and show up for freezing weather, hot dog vendors, heckling the San Francisco Giants and a night of good old-fashioned fun. Now that’s community.