ASG to honor administrators, faculty with fete for honor roll

Jim Martinho

Associated Student Government will recognize a bevy of Northwestern faculty members and administrators voted the most dedicated by student surveys at the Faculty/Administrator Honor Roll celebration 4 p.m., Tuesday at the Guild Lounge in Scott Hall.

More than 1,200 students voted for their three favorite professors and one administrator in a survey on the HereandNow Web site last week. Jason Downs, a senator on the ASG academic committee, created a formula to weight the votes to account for differences in class size.

“A lot of times the professors that teach the really large classes are going to get a lot of votes because they have so many students,” said Downs, a Weinberg sophomore. “We used a formula where students in small classes counted more than those in medium and large size classes.”

Downs said ASG senators aimed to honor at least one professor from each department, though some of the larger departments yielded multiple winners.

“I tried not to have more than three profs from a single department,” Downs said. “I had to keep the list down to 60 faculty members so it required some discretion from my part. It was still always based on the numbers but for the cut-off point I had to use some discretion in making that.”

The ASG Honor Roll, in its third year, is the only NU faculty award that students completely determine and present. Those students who wanted to present awards volunteered to do so when they voted.

“It really sends a message that students really appreciate professors and administrators that make students a priority,” Downs said. “A lot of times, at a university like this, that becomes something in the background with people being more committed to research and that kind of thing.

“This really reaffirms ASG’s commitment to students and it sends a message to administrators about which teachers are being effective and provides a list of role models that others can emulate.”

— Samantha Nelson