Daily Q&A — Chuck Perrin

Nina Mandell

Daily: What did you get lunch detention for in school?

Perrin: I almost got in trouble once in fourth-grade. I tied a kid’s shoelaces together while we were watching a movie and there was a fire drill and he couldn’t get out. It was a fake fire drill but they told me he could have burned to death. In middle school I once told a kid at our first assembly that if his hand was bigger than his face — you know that trick — and I slapped it in his face and he got a bloody nose and he told everybody I punched him. I really didn’t punch him though.

Daily: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Perrin: James Bond.

Daily: If you had to make up a personal ad for yourself, what would it say?

Perrin: If you take me on a date, I promise I won’t kill you.

Daily: Have you ever taken out a personal ad?

Perrin: No. But I’ve contemplated putting my friends up on HotorNot.com

Daily: Have you ever been on HotorNot.com?

Perrin: No. I just like to give people “one” ratings. Just because guys take off their shirts for the camera, I just want to do my part by telling them that that’s not cool.

Daily: What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not playing tennis?

Perrin: Write poetry. Campaign to get one person to respect Steve d’Incelli. He’s a buddy of mine, and he gets no respect.

Daily: Collar up or collar down?

Perrin: Down! There’s a lot of freshman in my house who like to think it’s cool to fold your collar up but it’s not. That’s not the way it was meant to go. I think they think they’re being European and cultured but they’re not. Collar down.

Daily: If you could be anyone who would it be?

Perrin: Part of me, ’cause I play tennis, Pete Sampras in his prime because he’s awesome to watch and he’s kind of like the pinnacle of tennis. But part of me says I want to be Tiger Woods because he makes millions of dollars playing golf and that’s like most people’s recreation time and he gets to do it and make millions of dollars off it and that’s pretty cool.

Daily: How long did you have the monster in your closet when you were young?

Perrin: All the time. It was always in my closet, I wasn’t scared of it, but I think they would try to get me on my way up the stairs until I was under my covers so once I was under my covers it was a safe haven. That’s why I had to run up all the stairs really fast. I still do, but I don’t have a fear of monsters anymore, but its just tradition.

Daily: What’s your most embarrassing moment?

Perrin: I think in college one of my more embarrassing moments was one time my friends from out of town came up to visit me, and when I was taking a shower they took away my towel and stuff and they locked my dorm door. So I ran out real fast and checked my door and when it was locked I ran back in real quick and had to take a shower curtain out and hang out in the shower curtain for like 20 minutes until they let me back in.