EPD, UP will collaborate on Spring Quarter party patrols

Sheila Burt

As the first weekend of Spring Quarter approaches and the weather begins to get warmer, officers at Evanston Police Department and University Police also are heating up patrols in response to several neighborhood complaints during Fall Quarter.

“We’re taking a very strong stand on our spring initiative,” EPD Chief Frank Kaminski told The Daily on Thursday. “I hope the NU students know that they need to be good neighbors come warmer months.”

Part of EPD’s Spring Quarter initiative includes working with UP on a “party patrol” that will start up again this weekend after a hiatus during Winter Quarter.

The special patrol includes two police cars — one from each department — “dedicated to dealing with issues regulating parties,” UP Assistant Chief Daniel McAleer said.

Kaminski warned that several ordinances proposed at Evanston City Council meetings could soon affect students. The minimum fine for public drinking or possessing a fake ID could be raised from $75 to $200 if the ordinances are passed by the council. The maximum penalty would be $750 for either of these penalties.

Officers also will step up fake ID checks at liquor establishments and will continue training employees to detect fake IDs, Kaminski said. He added that Illinois residents caught with fake IDs will have their names referred to the Secretary of State, who could order to suspend their driver’s licenses.

Kaminski said the city’s eight nuisance properties also will be monitored closely to keep track of any further violations.

He added that the police may be more stringent in deciding whether to arrest individuals instead of issuing citations for certain violations.

“We want a nice spring and we want to be good neighbors and have fun,” Kaminski said. “But when it crosses the line and becomes (a problem), we have to take action.”