Letters to the Editor

Random acts of kindness give NU a community feel

I had just finished telling my niece, who was thinking about applying to Northwestern, that one of my favorite things about teaching here is our really nice students. About 45 minutes later, I realized — to my great embarrassment — I had left my purse in Norris University Center, where we had been having lunch. I needn’t have worried. One of those nice NU students brought my purse to the main desk, where I later retrieved it intact.

So to that student, who didn’t leave her name, thanks for making NU look great and thanks for being so kind to an absent-minded professor.

Donna Leff

Medill professor

Anti-abortion leader’s style doesn’t play well on campus

It is important for the student body to know that Joseph Scheidler, leader of the March 10 anti-abortion protest on campus, is not simply the director of the Pro-Life Action Network. He is a staunch anti-abortion activist who has advocated widespread campaigns of violence and intimidation to end abortion.