Wilmette resident arrested during protest

Scott Gordon

Scott Klocksin, 20, of Wilmette, who came to the demonstration as amember of the Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade, was arrested nearthe end of the demonstration and issued a ticket by Evanston policeafter the groups of protesters confronted each other near the Arch.

Klocksin said that when the anti-abortion demonstrator moved towardthe Arch to take pictures, the abortion rights groups followed them.The man taking the pictures deliberately backed up into a largeabortion rights banner and tore it in half in the process, Klocksinsaid.

“After that, I did proceed to disrupt his ability to take pictures” by holding up a sign in front of the man’s camera lens, he said. While he was doing this, officers approached him, asked him for an ID andarrested him.

Klocksin believes the police targeted him and that his arrest wasunjust.

“I don’t think that this arrest was made in the interest of protecting free speech or peaceable assembly or the peace on the streets at that time,” he said. “There was no violence or threat of violence coming from either side.”

Police ticketed Klocksin for blocking the sidewalk, said Deputy ChiefMichael Perry of Evanston Police Department. Klocksin has the optionof paying a $75 fine or attending a hearing at the Civic Center onApril 6. He says he plans to go to the hearing and bring supporters.