ASG to vote on asking Music to save organ program

Andy Kim

Associated Student Government senators are expected to vote tonight on a bill asking the administration to reconsider the School of Music’s proposal to discontinue the organ program.

The bill comes in response to a Jan. 30 proposal by Music Dean Toni-Marie Montgomery to remove the organ major, due in part to low demand for the program. The bill asks that administrators investigate alternatives to discontinuing the program — one of the school’s oldest — and to accommodate current and prospective students who wish to study organ.

“Dean Montgomery’s interest is to make the School of Music the best it can possibly be,” said Prajwal Ciryam, ASG’s academic vice president. “We have different viewpoints on how that can be achieved.”

Ciryam, a Weinberg sophomore, said ASG senators met with concerned students who reaffirmed the importance of the organ program.

“Many of our peer institutions have organ programs,” Ciryam said. “In talking with music students, it seems as though the organ program is not some peripheral program, but a core one.”

Senators also are slated to consider three other bills, including one that calls on the Undergraduate Housing Office to add an additional all-freshman dorm on North Campus. Two all-freshmen dorms, Hinman House and 600 Lincoln were started this year as a pilot program intended to build community on campus.

ASG also will vote on a bill that would create a student and faculty committee to oversee Counseling and Psychological Services. Adam Forsyth, an off-campus senator and the bill’s author, said the committee will help CAPS serve students more effectively.

“CAPS can have a drastic impact on students,” Forsyth said. “(The committee) will give students more input as to how CAPS is run and what they feel CAPS is doing well. It is a way for students to have input on something that affects them.”

A final bill proposes that Northwestern University Information Technology increase maintenance and evaluation of wireless locations on campus. The bill calls on NUIT to conduct surveys of wireless locations to verify that the service functions properly.

The bill also asks NUIT to post monthly status reports of wireless locations on its Web site and ensure that signs are put at each locale.

“(The bill) is like a truth in advertising bill.” Forsyth said. “You say you’re going to do this — let’s make sure that you really are.”

Tonight’s meeting will begin at 7 p.m. in the Northwestern rooms at Norris University Center. It is open to the campus community.