Letters to the Editor

U-Pass would only service a few, but its cost would burden many

U-Pass should not be implemented for many reasons. It annoys me to listen to stories like Seth Porges’ (Letter to the Editor, Jan. 21), who complained about his specific transportation problem.

He said Northwestern is “mysteriously” absent from the list of 26 schools that use U-Pass. There is a simple explanation — NU has a different composition of students. First, a majority of students are not from Chicago. We don’t have many commuters. Second, we are at a tough school. We do not have time to go out and party every single weekend, unless Monday midterms start magically disappearing.

Remember, we would have to ride the El 12.5 times a quarter — or 15 with no transfers — to make up for the cost. For the average NU undergraduate, this is impossible.

I’m sorry you have a personal problem, but solving the problem would come at the expense of everyone else. The cost of $135 — maybe more with the Chicago Transit Authority’s new prices — does not end there. If we go to Chicago, we usually do something. The total amount spent would be extremely high.

Associated Student Government’s Student Service Committee needs to stop recommending projects that raise our costs. Between the proposed $25 sports fee and more than $135 for U-Pass, we would have to spend $160 more next year. Tuition also increases an average of 5 percent per year. Who will pay for all this?

The committee is also contradictory. They want to create school pride by sending students to football and basketball games but want to send students away during the weekends —