Letters to the editor/The Drawing Board

Democrat Edwards presents best chance for beating Bush

Joseph Bubman makes several good points in his Thursday column supporting U.S. Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts in the upcoming Democratic primaries. Although I strongly support U.S. Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina, Kerry would be my No. 2 choice.

Unlike Bubman, I am not “impressed by how (Howard) Dean has risen from obscure governor to front-runner by exciting disaffected young voters previously alienated from politics.” In fact I am not impressed by anything this condescending and insensitive governor of a 97 percent white state has done.

He has “excited” young voters only by being egotistical and negative without offering any practical solutions. Like Bubman said, all Dean does is criticize without really offering anything constructive. He shows little compassion for minorities and is astoundingly still ahead in many national polls despite making frequent racially insensitive remarks.

But if you’ve been paying attention to what is happening in Iowa and elsewhere, you’ll notice others are starting to see through Dean. Dean has slipped every day in Iowa for the past week and is also losing ground to Wesley Clark in New Hampshire. People are starting to see Dean’s illogical statements lack substance.

I support Edwards because I believe only he and Clark have a viable chance of defeating Bush in the November general election.

Carrying southern states is vital to any Democrat’s chances in winning the presidency. I don’t believe Dean or Kerry have the ability to do that. I also believe Edwards’ plan to pay for the first year of college tuition in exchange for working 10 hours a week is a more constructive and enriching plan than Kerry’s to lure students into the military. Edwards’ devotion to the middle and lower classes, as well as his ability to stay positive, is admirable.

He refrains from criticizing opponents and makes sure to express his platform instead of attacking others. Dean prefers to do the exact opposite.

If you take a look at the issues, you will see Dean’s negativity and cynicism are not values that you want to lead this country of ours. Take a closer look at Edwards and you will see a world of difference.

Sam Hong

Weinberg junior

Former Daily assistant sports editor

member, national Students for Edwards