EDITORIAL: Winter weather begs wiggle room

The only thing worse than the 8 inches of snow greeting students who were lucky enough to get back to Evanston on Sunday was the prospect of going to class less than 24 hours later.

Being able to move back into dorms only the day before classes start has long inconvenienced students. Arriving in town — frequently after several hours in the air or on the road — getting to campus and unpacking barely leaves students with a few hours of sleep before their first class. This year’s weather woes only proved further that students need more wiggle room in their travel plans than the current University Residential Life policy allows.

The administration should have learned its lesson with Fall Quarter’s CAESAR debacle: When things are left until the day before classes start, they inevitably will go wrong. Luckily this problem seems especially easy to fix — no task force or recommendation of the Undergraduate Budget Priorities Committee is necessary. Residential Life should simply secure a few resident assistants and open the dorms a day earlier. If the change is experimented with in future quarters, we are sure the results will speak for themselves.